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This special and rich country is the biggest island in the world and is a mostly flat mass of land that is (barely) filled with unique people, plants and animals. There are 21 nude beaches listed here, but with all that coastline and open space you will undoubtedly find numerous other secluded spots to shed your clothes along with fellow gay men.

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# GAY GUYS: 1.016.875 + lots of tourists

Northern Territory


Casuarina Beach is the only gay nude beach around this area.

New South Wales

This state is where it all started for Australia as it was home to the first colony. With an array of different landscapes, New South Wales has much more to offer than Sydney alone. This state houses snowy mountains, a dusty outback and a sweaty coast in the north. Other than around Sydney and Byron Bay, there is a nice and quiet gay nude beach near Port Macquarie: Miners Beach.


A general summary of Sydney could read as follows: Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach. From a gay guy's perspective on the other hand it would go someting like this: A higher percentage of gay men than San Francisco, Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and many city (nude) beaches that attract an in-shape, young and sportive gay crowd. Check out these beaches: Cobblers Beach, Obelisk Beach, Lady Jane Beach and Little Congwong Beach.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay seems to be a magnet for gay tourists. Enjoy the following nude beaches and areas around here: Kings Beach, Tea-Tree Lakes and Tyagarah Beach.


Thousands of kilometers of beaches, tropical islands, the Great Barrier Reef and a perfect climate (in the southern part, the north gets too hot)... Despite all that and quite sadly, this part of Australia is not really known for its nude beaches. That should change! Visit the following beautifully wild and sometimes tropical nude beaches and spread the word: Alexandria Bay, Balding Bay, Buchans Point, Cow Bay and Peregian Beach.


Relaxed city with a conservative feel to it. Modern high rises and well maintained parks determine the view.

South Australia

Long summers and mild winters. This state has a varied coastline with lots of opprtunities for water related activities.


Head to Maslin Beach when staying in Adelaide and feeling the urge to go nude and / or meet fellow nude gay guys.


Smallest and greenest of the Australian states, the main natural attraction here is the Great Ocean Road.


Elegant and large city, often ranked among the most livable places in the world. Somehow it comes across as a bit boring, maybe because it gets beaten by Sydney on so many levels? There are quite a few nude beaches around and all of them have a gay section. Sunnyside Beach near the neighborhoud of Mount Eliza is a busy beach with lots of gay nudity once you get past the straight folks. Small Sandridge Beach near the port also sees a lot of gay activity. Campbell's Cove, Point Impossible and Southside Beaches are worth a visit too when the weather is good.

Western Australia

The panorama picture above was taken at 'Greens Pool', about 300 km south of Perth at the south coast of Western Australia, near Denmark. This is a very beautiful and deserted beach from time to time. It is no nude beach unfortunately, but well worth a trip south.


It is probably not too much of a surprise, that in this big and mostly empty state you need to head to Perth to find a gay community. There are a few gay venues and there is a nude gay beach in the Swanbourne district: Swanbourne Beach.