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Belgium is a very open mided and tolerant country towards gays, lesbians and the like. It was the second country in the world (after the Netherlands) to legalize gay marriage. Its 2 main cities, Antwerp and Brussels, are home to large gay communities that mix in well with the otherwise young and international population. Both cities host several gay events every year and are blessed with a good number of high quality gay venues (La Demence anybody?).

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No nonsense, Duth speaking and wealthiest region of Belgium. It has a border with the North Sea in the west. There is one nude beach in Belgium and that beach is of course also frequented by gays, who hang out in the neighboring dunes as well: Bredene Beach.


The following pretty much sums up what Antwerp is about: A very big port, the second largest cluster of chemical companies in the world, an international center for diamond trade, a sizeable Jewish community, a historical city center with a beautiful cathedral, a very modern and special building that houses the court and too much traffic jams.

Brussels-Capital Region


With all the European governmental buildings, NATO, company headquarters ... Brussels is a very international city. Over the past years, the main language spoken to get by has first shifted from Dutch to French, but is now shifting to English. There is a large young gay community and a vibrant gay scene.