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Overview of gay nude beaches in the world

Compared to European gay nude beaches, the US does not even come close in quantity but more than makes up for that in quality. Of the 12 beaches listed here, at least half of them would make it into our personal top 10 of best gay nude beaches in the world.

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# GAY GUYS: 12.945.876


The sunshine state has a lot to offer the modern and not so modern gay man.

Los Angeles

You will have to head to San Diego if you are staying in LA and looking for a nude beach. An alternate approach would be to go on Grindr and find a guy that has his own pool to lounge by - in the nude obviously.

San Diego

An interesting mix of gay guys - including those coming from the nearby military base - congregates at amazingly beautiful Black's Beach.

San Francisco

It may not be much of a surprise that the oldest gay capital of the US has quite a few beaches where gay men come together to go nude and be themselves. You can head to: Baker Beach, Golden Gate Bridge Beach and San Gregorio Beach when the weather allows for it and unfortunately that is not too often.



World famous Haulover Beach will not disappoint you.

Cape Canaveral

Apollo Beach, close to Orlando is pretty and definitely worth the trip. Just be aware that sadly parking is very limited at this beach.


Big Island

The black sand of Kehena Beach along with the fun crowd make a visit to this beach a unique experience.


Little Beach on Maui beats any beach when it comes to festive vibes.

New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts

New York

A trip to Fire Island is a good choice for the older gay man.

New Jersey

If you ever visit New York City - you probably will - and get tired of it - you probably will not - head down to New Jersey and visit Gunnison Beach. Without being aware where they were taken, it is quite likely that you have seen pictures of nude guys on this beach. Now it is time for a visit yourself and some self made pictures.


Peaceful Herring Cove Beach is the perfect place to spend your summer vacation.



The only non-coastal beach in our little list of US gay nude beaches, Hippie Hollow Park is not actually a beach but more of a series of rocky cliffs and coves by a lake frequented by gay men.